The Role of the Chaplain

‘The school Chaplain, as a faith presence, committed to the values of Christ, and on behalf of the Church and school communities, accompanies each person on the journey through life’. The Chaplain ensures that the characteristic spirit and founding intention of St Louis Community School and our school’s mission statement, finds practical expression in faith formation as well as pastoral, liturgical, para-liturgical and outreach activities.

The chaplain shows care for students in listening and journeying with them as they encounter many and varied experiences on their journey through their school years. Within a faith context, the Chaplain is present when members of the school community need to share their worries, concerns and troubles with someone in confidence. The Chaplain is available to each student and will sit and listen to what is going on for them at that point in their lives. Where necessary the Chaplain will liaise with parents and recognise when a student needs to be referred on to another professional. In our school the Chaplain is available to students throughout the school week, both in classroom settings and at the Chaplain’s office. In addition, a student visit may arise when they are referred by teachers, or when a member of staff or parent/guardian is concerned about a particular a student.

In personal meetings with the Chaplain the confidentiality rule is followed in accordance with child protection guidelines.

The Chaplain animates the spiritual life of the school community and offers opportunities to develop a meaningful relationship with God. The Chaplain cares for the young people’s spiritual needs. While some young people have difficulty with organised religion, they recognise their need for God. The chaplain is in the privileged position to guide students and to explore various prayer methods which bring peace and fulfilment. Working alongside the Religion Department with the school, the Chaplain ensures the school community has time to celebrate its identity in religious worship.