John Doran author of Ways to Well-Being (a programme introduced this year to all 5th & 6thyr students) will be speaking in the school chapel this Wed at 7pm to parents, guardians and staff who may be interested in looking more closely at well-being.  John Doran works out of the philosophy that it’s “Kids before content” and has developed this Irish programme in response to the pressures of modern living, particularly on our youth.

He will speak about

  • positive and negative emotions
  • learning optimism
  • gratitude
  • resilience
  • acts of kindness
  • self-esteem enhancement
  • and being mentally stronger in the face of adversity


“What John Doran has done in this programme is to bring the wisdom of psychology, the natural sciences, literature and spirituality to the area of well-being and to do so in a way that is fresh, relevant and accessible” Brian Flannery (Jesuit delegate for Education)

You are very welcome to attend.