St.LouisCS @StLouisCSCongratulations to the U14 Girls Kiltimagh team and their captain Rachel Byrne who were the proud winners of the U14 league. You must all be so proud! year agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSWe are delighted to be able to offer our 3rd and 6th year students access to Maths tutor for €40 through the school, instead of €149 rrp. This is a huge discount and a very useful exam preparation tool. Try a free trial at the year agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSCongratulations to Ella Brennan, a TY student who was a finalist in the Texaco Art Competition. This competition has thousands of entrants ever year and Ella did really well to get to this stage of the competition. Congratulations are also extended to Ella's Art teacher Ms. Ueno. year agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSCongratulations to our Leaving Cert students Jacques Lusson and Arron Hughes who represented Ireland In Volleyball yesterday. Jacques and Arron as members of Irelands U19 Mens Volleyball Squad travelled to the famous St.Andrews University in Edinburgh. year agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSPLC Information Evening Tuesday 21st of May at 7.30pm All are welcome to attend. years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSOur brilliant Trad group and Sean Nos dancer. So entertaining. years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSWhat a voice Katie, absolutely fantastic! years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSBrilliant playing Rachel, well done. years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSAbsolutely beautiful Aoibhinn, well done. years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSAmazing talent James. years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSAbsolutely fantastic. years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSWow, absolutely brilliant Antoinette. years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSGreat day, our students were brilliant!2 years agoSt.LouisCS
St.LouisCS @StLouisCSA beautiful rendition Sian, well done. years agoSt.LouisCS


RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsSo how will EMSers 30 years from now actually tell the story of the 2020s? Hopefully, it centers around using the power of data and analytics to question the status quo. That we not only measured problems, but did something to correct them. mins ago
RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsEMS Agenda 2050 was published in 2019 with the hope of guiding the next 30 years of EMS. All via a people-centered approach. mins ago
RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsIn 2006 the IOM (@theNAMedicine) published "Emergency Medical Services: At the Crossroads" highlighting that while much progress had been made, much was still left unfinished. mins ago
Philip NolanPhilip Nolan‘Night!18 mins ago
RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsThe prevalence of high acuity terrorist attacks that happened in the 90's and early 00's highlighted EMS' role in responding to such events. They also opened large streams of funding for training and equipment on related topics. mins ago
RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsThe 1996 EMS Agenda for the Future did a 30 year look back and then described the authors' vision of data-driven and evidence-based systems for the future. It was optimistic. mins ago
RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsThe 1980s brought state-level block grants, and with it a loss in funding for EMS. For the non-policy wonks, block grants are bad (in this case) because they gave autonomy over spending to those that didn't always see the value of EMS. mins ago
RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsThe 1970s brought a push for professionalization of EMS providers and the EMS Systems Act which distributed $15M, across 300 regional EMS systems in 32 states. This is one of the biggest reasons why EMS is so different in different regions of the country. mins ago
RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsOne such program deserves a special highlight, Freedom House Ambulance Service was established the employ the "unemployable" and provide EMS coverage to majority Black areas of Pittsburgh that many white ambulances refused to cover. mins ago
RealScientists | CountsRealScientists | CountsAnd physicians like Dr. Leonard Cobb of Seattle were listening. In fact a handful of programs similar to Belfast popped up in the late 1960s including in Pittsburgh, Miami, LA, Columbus, and Portland. mins ago