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Positive Parenting
As parents, we all want our children to be happy and healthy; but sometimes we feel as though we have little real influence over them.
New scientific research reveals that happiness can be cultivated within the home and that parenting styles and practices have a tremendous effect on children’s emotional outlook on life.
By promoting some basic positive traits and harnessing their inner strengths, our children can develop a more positive view of self, others and their world. Parenting can be challenging but also a positive and fulfilling experience.
Shane Martin will explore ten scientifically-validated strategies that parents can apply to influence their children in a positive and profound way.
Shane Martin Reg.Psychol., Ps.S.I
Shane Martin is a psychologist dedicated to teaching the very best self-help psychology to empower people to enhance the quality of their lives.
His ‘Moodwatchers’ psychology course has been delivered at community venues throughout the length and breadth of Ireland.
He has been a keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences on a range of topics around empowerment, recovery and happiness.
A leading psychologist within the area of education, he has visited hundreds of educational institutions nationwide working with management teams, teachers/lecturers, students and parents.
He has published two collections of poems and his latest book ‘Your Precious Life – How to Live it Well’ is being published by Orpen Press in January 2016.